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Sungjae Son

Near East Quartet



Released: 31st Aug 2018


distorted guitar, noirish Sax, haunted clarinet, and clattering off-kilter drums create a maelstrom of sound on this darkly compelling exploration of contemporary jazz-ish composition and traditional Korean folk music.

This amazing set juxtaposes myriad elements towards a pure sound exploration to create entirely new forms. They come off like a band playing out-of-time and without cultural mooring, reminding us of neo-noir soundtracks, Lynchian segues, and post-rock on their travels through these five original and reworked arrangements. We highly recommend you investigate further if you enjoy Alex Zhang Hungtai, tangents, and stuff on the Hubro label. “magical invocations” – ft

Near East Quartet


  1. Sungjae Son (tenor saxophone, bass clarinet)
  2. Yulhee Kim (vocal)
  3. Suwuk Chung (guitar)
  4. Soojin Suh (drums)