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Big Lad

Pro Rock

Box Records

Limited Yellow lp

Released: 2nd Nov 2018


Face melting, wonky synth attacks from this 2 piece, who land somewhere between squarepusher and lighting bolt.

“Are your ready? Let’s play!” exclaims the strangely menacing toy sample which opens up BIG LAD’s new record… and play they certainly do, may God help you if you’re not ready as from the off warp speed drumming ala Lightning Bolt twists and turns with Venetian Snares and Aphex Twin style synth and gizmo sonic warfare. This isn't a record to soundtrack a picnic.

Pro Rock


  1. Intro
  2. Ricky Balboa
  3. Jimmy’s Benzole Plant
  4. Dave Aoki
  5. Macho Randy Savage
  6. Banana Split
  7. Ted Banger
  8. Micheal J. Decaprio
  9. Party Salad
  10. Donald Tramp
  11. Eating Food and Fighting Wizards
  12. Outro