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Released: 21st Sep 2018


limited orange lp

Released: 21st Sep 2018


fans of shabaka hutchings’ explosive sax stylings and joe lally’s (fugazi/messthetics) driving bass grooves will adore this Bristol band’s  mutant jazz jams and intoxicating post rock atmospheres.

From the jagged, interweaving brass patterns of opening track ‘If It Can It Will’, through the brooding atmosphere of ‘Bristopia’ and absorbing, haunting melodies of ‘Not With Standing’, the Bristolian quintet channel subterranean depths and soar from dizzying heights, leading the listener through a complex labyrinth of tangled melodies and sliding soundscapes of dark, immersive production. With this powerful return, they set the pace for the current UK Jazz revival, demonstrating that the early pioneers of the scene still have something important to say. “This is trip hop-informed contemporary Jazz-Rock at its very best” - Time Out.



  1. If It Can It Will
  2. Cococloud
  3. Cellophant
  4. Sunwise
  5. Not With Standing
  6. Recorded For Training Purposes
  7. Bristopia
  8. Rule Of Thumb
  9. The Second Third
  10. Tuathal
  11. The Grand Scheme Of Things