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django django

Winter’s Beach

because music

6 track 12" + cd

Released: 12th Oct 2018


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recorded before their 2017 album ‘marble skies’ had even been released, this 6-track ep sparkles with the creative energy of a band who are fully embracing their artistic freedom.

The lead track ‘Swimming At Night’ is Django Django at their most gloriously unpredictable. Its deceptively linear beat soon progresses into something altogether more leftfield, with a coherent collision of vintage synths, vocoders, tight vocal harmonies and surrealist lyrics about “living with life forms under the water.” It’s followed by ‘Sand Dunes’, which reiterates the band’s unique ability to set post-apocalyptic imagery and themes of rebirth to beautifully futuristic sounds. Elsewhere, ‘Flash Forward’ pulsates with an ominous and rapid-fire dancefloor energy; ‘Ghost Rider’ takes flight with some otherworldly psychedelic grooves; and ‘Blue Hazy Highs’ sounds like today’s Django Django time-travelling back to the Summer of Love.

Winter’s Beach


  1. Winter’s Beach
  2. Sand Dunes
  3. Swimming At Night
  4. Flash Forward
  5. Ghost Rider
  6. Blue Hazy Highs