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ryley walker

The Lillywhite Sessions

Dead Oceans


Released: 16th Nov 2018


2lp + download

Released: 16th Nov 2018


ryley walker leads a trio to cover Dave Matthews’ infamously abandoned 2001 art-rock masterpiece and consequently creates his most varied and explosive record of cosmic proportions.

With a delicate rhythmic latticework and vocals that ask you to lean in, “Busted Stuff” recalls Jim O’ Rourke’s golden Drag City days. Emerging from a wall of distortion, “Diggin’ a Ditch” becomes a power trio wallop à la Dinosaur Jr, shaking off existential malaise like twenty-something pals writing rock songs in the garage. Walker’s “Grace is Gone”, the most faithful take here, is a testament to his unflagging love for the music that helped make him a musician. This is a must for fans of joni Mitchell, john martyn or sun kil moon.

The Lillywhite Sessions


  1. Busted Stuff
  2. Grey Street
  3. Diggin’ A Ditch
  4. Sweet Up And Down
  5. JTR
  6. Big Eyed Fish
  7. Grace Is Gone
  8. Captain
  9. Bartender
  10. Monkey Man
  11. Kit Kat Jam
  12. Raven