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unknown mortal orchestra

IC-01 Hanoi



Released: 26th Oct 2018


lp + download

Released: 26th Oct 2018


An incredible and unexpected deep excursion into jazzy psych-noir for the kiwis, which leans heavily on the exotic sounds of vietnamese instruments and musicians.

This is dangerous, experimental stuff – an outsider recording to delight those who find the thrill at the weird edges of the unknown mortal orchestra sound. Yet it also a seductive listen, welcoming you through the doors of perception with its hypnotic rhythms and woozy atmosphere. It was recorded in Hanoi with local musicians contributing áo trúc (a small flute), đàn môi (a traditional Vietnamese instrument), and Vietnamese percussion...when the epic 6th movement explodes in sax ecstasy and rhythmic chaos it made believers of us all. We love this. Riyl can, tortoise, and connan mockasin.

IC-01 Hanoi


  1. Hanoi 1
  2. Hanoi 2
  3. Hanoi 3
  4. Hanoi 4
  5. Hanoi 5
  6. Hanoi 6
  7. Hanoi 7