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Look Inside Your Heart


limited signed cd

Released: 9th Nov 2018


Limited Raspberry LP + download

Released: 9th Nov 2018


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their second album for 2018 is as polar an opposite as light and dark, dishing out a warm, joyous record dappled with brushes of afrobeat and lots of bright, bluesy rock ‘n’ roll.

Like the more contemplative ‘Brushes With Happiness’, this one was recorded late at night whilst inebriated, live to reel-to-reel tape with no computers of any kind. The album is peppered with giggles and chatter, which adds a sense of spontaneity and place. As singer and guitarist Dave Tattersall explains: “’Look Inside Your Heart’ is a bullet in the face of all pop-poseurs and robot wannabes, a die-hard continuation of the vulnerable rebel tradition of rock and roll music, a vibrant work of outsider art and a masterpiece of electric folk.” “supremely english garage blues and dylan esque wordplay on the trio’s finest yet” – 8/10.

Look Inside Your Heart


  1. Roosevelt Sykes
  2. Shelly
  3. I Came To You Once
  4. Dodge City Blues
  5. Hazey Moon
  6. Close Your Eyes Mike
  7. Brian
  8. Goodbye Spiderman
  9. Tell Me That You Weren’t Alone
  10. Look Inside Your Heart
  11. House By The Beach