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sun kil moon

this is my dinner

caldo verde


Released: 9th Nov 2018


limited indies-only 3lp

Released: 25th Jan 2019


Kozelek goes full james joyce across 90 minutes of slice-of-life stream-of-consciousness storytelling on this expansive tea-time odyssey.

Most strikingly, he also lays down versions of AC/DC's "Rock 'N' Roll Singer," The Partridge Family's "Come On Get Happy," and John Connolly's "Chapter 87 of He" set to music. This has the feel of a tour diary, and was indeed recorded in tour in Europe in 2017. And as this is a ‘sun kil moon’ rather than ‘mark kozelek’ record, there is lush accompaniment by Tony Scherr, Ben Boye, Ramon Fermin, Jim White, Scott McPherson, Chris Connolly and special guest Jordan Cook. they make for a delicious sitting encompassing several courses - bon apetit. “at his wittiest and most playful… narrating (his)accounts with style, hilarity and poetic flair” - MEAWW

this is my dinner


  1. This Is Not Possible
  2. This Is My Diner
  3. Linda Blair
  4. Copenhagen
  5. Candles
  6. David Cassidy
  7. Come on Get Happy
  8. Rock ‘N’ Roll Singer
  9. Soap for Joyful Hands
  10. Chapter 87 of He