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Field Music

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13 years & 6 albums in, the Sunderland siblings have carved themselves a musical niche where their rhythmic anarchy & wonky chords sit comfortably; a pl...
You Tell Me
  1. Enough To Notice
  2. Get Out Of The Room
  3. Foreign Parts
  4. Water Cooler
  5. Springburn
  6. No Hurry
  7. Clarion Call
  8. Jouska
  9. Invisible Ink
  10. Starting Point
  11. Kabuki

You Tell Me

You Tell Me

Memphis Industries
  • lp + download

    Released: 11th Jan 2019


On this fabulous collaboration (field music + admiral fallow), homespun folk charm is weaved into proggy pop arrangements to yield melodies to make your heart sing.

They’ve made a record that makes continuous grabs for your ear’s attention with its imaginative songs and winningly off-centre musical palette, veering from earnest piano, 80’s pop pastiche, and the guitar-centric. All the while these songs hang on sarah haynes’ magnetic vocal delivery, that splits the difference between old-fashioned indie-pop rawness and clear-as-day harmony-rich restraint. And when her and peter brewis sing together, there’s magic in the air. Riyl field music, wave pictures, gruff rhys, teleman, cleaners form venus, and xtc!