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Glen Campbell

Sings For The King



Released: 16th Nov 2018


180g lp + download

Released: 16th Nov 2018

£19.99 £9.98

what an absolute find! This lost album from the late country legend contains eighteen recently unearthed and restored studio recordings from 1965-1967 that cast new light on the influence that Campbell had on America’s biggest rock and roll star, Elvis Presley.

Before Glen Campbell’s breakthrough single, “Gentle On My Mind,” Campbell was recording songs for legendary songwriter, Ben Weisman, who wrote an unmatched 57 songs recorded by Elvis Presley. Campbell had an uncanny knack for singing in Elvis Presley’s key, and thirteen of these tracks went on to be recorded and released by Presley. The collection highlights Campbell’s incredible musicianship and contains “We Call On Him,” a previously unreleased duet fused from the vocals of Presley and Campbell.

Sings For The King


  1. We Call On Him (With Elvis Presley)
  2. Easy Come, Easy Go
  3. Any Old Time
  4. Anyone Can Play
  5. I Got Love
  6. I'll Never Know
  7. All I Needed Was the Rain
  8. How Can You Lose What You Never Had
  9. Spinout
  10. Magic Fire
  11. I'll Be Back
  12. Love On the Rocks
  13. Stay Away, Joe
  14. Cross My Heart and Hope to Die
  15. Clambake
  16. There Is So Much World to See
  17. Do the Clam
  18. Restless