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bella union

180g lp + download

Released: 15th Feb 2019



Released: 15th Feb 2019


Far more than even the impressive sum of their parts would suggest, Piroshka is the sound of an exciting new dawn – Miki Berenyi (Lush), KJ McKillop (Moose), Mick Conroy (Modern English) and Justin Welch (Elastica) have come together to forge a whole new world that manages to pull on threads from all of their former bands while sounding completely separate and fresh, elements of punk thrown into a potent mix of protest songs and very real moments of parental fears and anxieties.

Brought together for Lush’s final show in 2016, the quartet found the entire rehearsal process exhilarating and slowly forged something new – “a clean slate and a fresh start” is how Miki describes it. Signed to Bella Union as soon as head honcho Simon Raymonde heard the demos, the band have shown that their own union has created something truly wonderful.  



  1. This Must Be Bedlam
  2. Village Of The Damned
  3. Never Enough
  4. Blameless
  5. What's Next?
  6. Hated By The Powers That Be
  7. Run For Your Life
  8. Heartbeats
  9. Everlastingly Yours
  10. She's Unreal