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Snapped Ankles

stunning luxury

the leaf label

'dinked edition 06' - Exclusive hand-numbered, gold lp + gold & foiled extra sleeve + sticker + cd (600 only!)

Released: 1st Mar 2019


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black lp + download

Released: 1st Mar 2019



Released: 1st Mar 2019


another astonishing synth-soaked, beat-driven, ecstatic psych freak-out that will take over your world - their primal motorik rhythms, white noise rushes & post-punk angles are here to pleasure our ears, minds & feet once more.

Number four in our 2017 Albums of the Year, the Londoners prove that the aural onslaught of 'Come Play The Trees' wasn't a one-time party. Now, with their adopted warehouse habitat under constant threat, the woodwose have disguised themselves as sharp-suited property developers in order to infiltrate. The sounds they eke out are as frenzied and unstable as you’d expect. The primal rhythms and forest chants are all present and correct. On the surface it’s hedonistic business as usual – a communal dance for the ages. But there’s a sense of discomfort too. There’s subversion, but it’s not clear who’s subverting who. There’s a message, but it’s often fragmented. Keep dancing. Keep foraging. Perhaps the woodwose are human after all...

“It’s a danceable, destabilised stew of The Pop Group, Kraftwerk, Can and Liars” Uncut 

“Sounds like Mark E Smith fronting a band of malfunctioning dial-up modems” Long Live Vinyl
“House party of an album” Prog
“These unconstructed mischief makers excel when locking electro horns with primal motorik grooves” Mojo
“There aren’t many who can blend high-concept with dance floor-ready jams like Snapped Ankles can” 8/10 Loud & Quiet
“Electro punk warriors” 4/5 The Scotsman 
“A stridently political album that loses neither its sense of humour nor its capacity for bangers” 4/5 The Skinny
“Snapped Ankles, the best live band in the world right now, return with an album full to bursting point with energy, playfulness and a guaranteed contender for album of the year” 9/10 The 405
"This is kinetic sculpture travelling at around 140 BPM, so either move aside or jump on board” The Arts Desk
“It’s a rhythmic, angular number built over a rollicking synth-and-bass sequence wherein vocalist Austin almost sounds like a feral James Murphy” 4/5 DIY
“On the surface this is supremely daft electro punk, but slice into it and you’ll find layer after concentric layer to explore. Stunning for sure” Electronic Sound


stunning luxury


  1. Pestisound (Moving Out)
  2. Tailpipe
  3. Letter from Hampi Mountain
  4. Rechargeable
  5. Delivery Van
  6. Three Steps to a Development
  7. Skirmish in the Suburbs
  8. Dial the Rings on a Tree
  9. Drink and Glide
  10. Dream and Formaldehyde