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Beastie Boys




Released: 11th Jan 2019


This CD features, for the first time, The Beasties’ entire set performed at the Open Air Festival in St.

Gallen, Switzerland, marking as it does the first live release from this period of the group’s career, and one of the first recordings available to feature Mix Master Mike on stage with them.



  1. Intro By Mix Master Mike
  2. Time For Livin'
  3. Brand New
  4. Sure Shot
  5. Shake Your Rump
  6. The Move
  7. Sabrosa
  8. Root Down 1
  9. Root Down 2
  10. Skills To Pay The Bills
  11. Slow And Low
  12. Body Movin'
  13. Lighten Up
  14. Something's Got To Give
  15. Egg Man/Flute Loop
  16. Pass The Mic
  17. It's The New Style 1
  18. It's The New Style 2
  19. Tough Guy
  20. B.E.A.S.T.I.E.
  21. I Want Some
  22. Remote Control
  23. Alright Hear This
  24. Three MC's and One DJ
  25. So What'cha Want
  26. Intergalactic
  27. Sabotage