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Guided By Voices

Zeppelin Over China

Guided By Voices Inc.


Released: 1st Feb 2019


2lp + download

Released: 1st Feb 2019


Whisper it, but we reckon we’ve got the most vital gbv missive in years with this one – a 75-minute mid-fi monster stuffed with 2-3 minute rock gems.

Both lean and extensive, it’s like the band in microcosm…why stop at 10 songs when making an album? It asks. And then why stop at 20? And why stop at 100 albums? There is a revelling in punchy guitars and punchier songs. there is babbling nonsense…and then there is swoonworthy, trebly powerpop (even without tobin sprout). So here we have a truly excellent guided by voices album, snuck out in phase 3 (or is it 4?) of the band – pinch yourself at how good it is. Riyl sebadoh, pavement, superchunk…

Zeppelin Over China


  1. Good Morning Sir
  2. Step Of The Wave
  3. Carapace
  4. Send In The Suicide Squad
  5. Blurring The Contacts
  6. Your Lights Are Out
  7. Windshield Wiper Rex
  8. Holy Rhythm
  9. Jack Tell
  10. Bellicose Starling
  11. Wrong Turn On
  12. Charmless Peters
  13. The Rally Boys
  14. Think. Be A Man.
  15. Jam Warsong
  16. You Own The Night
  17. Everything’s Thrilling
  18. Nice About You
  19. Einstein’s Angel
  20. The Hearing Department
  21. Questions Of The Test
  22. No Point
  23. Lurk Of The Worm
  24. Zeppelin Over China
  25. Where Have You Been All My Life
  26. Cold Cold Hands
  27. Transpiring Anathema
  28. We Can Make Music
  29. Cobbler Ditches
  30. Enough Is Never At The End
  31. My Future In Barcelona
  32. Vertiginous Rafts