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The Catacombs



Released: 1st Feb 2019


THE CLUB THAT SET THE TEMPLATE FOR NORTHERN SOUL COMPILED WITH FOUNDING DJ CARL DENE AND NEWLY REMASTERED FOR THE CLUB’S 50th ANNIVERSARY “Before the Catacombs there was Rhythm & Blues, after the Catacombs there was Northern Soul” - Carl Dene

The Catacombs


  1. P.P Arnold “Everything’s Gonna Be Alright”
  2. Johnny & Lilly “Suffering City”
  3. The Ad-Libs “Nothing’s Worse Than Being Alone”
  4. Big Al Downing “Medley Of Soul”
  5. Bob Wilson “Suzy’s Serenade”
  6. Jerry Williams “If You Ask Me ( Because I Love You )”
  7. Gloria Taylor “You Got To Pay The Price”
  8. Boot Hog Pefferley & The Loafers “I’m Not Going To Work Today”
  9. Kelly Brothers “Love Time”
  10. The Showmen “The Wrong Girl”
  11. The C.O.D.’s “Michael”
  12. Benny Spellman “Lipstick Traces ( On A Cigarette )”
  13. Bill Black’s Combo “My Girl Josephine”
  14. Buster Brown “Fannie Mae”
  15. The Sharpees “Tired Of Being Alone”
  16. Bobby Bland “Call On Me”