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theon cross




Released: 15th Feb 2019


180gram lp

Released: 15th Feb 2019


Leaping confidently from his role as an integral part of the Resident faves Sons of Kemet, Theon Cross’ full-length debut sees him bring his phenomenal tuba playing ability into a whole new dimension – opener ‘Activate’ is simply one of the most irresistibly funky things we’ve ever heard as Theon’s trademark swagger and ability to craft dancefloor bangers hits whole new levels.

With guest appearances from Nubya Garcia, Moses Boyd and Wayne Francis of Steam Down, ‘Fyah’ refuses to be shackled by the confines of jazz, drawing on London’s vivacious cultural heritage - dipping in and out of grime, afrobeat, electronic, dub, dancehall and Jamaican roots music to build a totem of the modern city. After a stellar year for contemporary jazz, the bar has just been raised again.



  1. Activate (4:49)
  2. The Offerings (4:41)
  3. Radiation (4:47)
  4. Letting Go (7:12)
  5. Candace of Meroe (5:46)
  6. Panda Village (5:43)
  7. CIYA (8:25)
  8. LDN’s Burning (3:56)