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pye corner audio

hollow earth


lp + download

Released: 15th Feb 2019


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The master of dystopian electro exploration allows a dash of hope to infiltrate his soundworlds, affecting a dreamier palette that will particularly float your escape pod if you like the berlin school of electronica pioneered by cluster, klaus schulze, and popol vuh.

A sequel to the much-admired-by-us ‘stasis’ album of 2016, this one hypnotizes via an almost new age sensibility. Rather than feeling as if we’re running from some hidden monster, this time we feel encouraged to take stock in these alien lands and admire the scenery. There’s still capsules of carpenteresque dread and steady techno beats, but those synths and sounds are an invitation to an inward journey that hints at euphoria amongst the rubble. Pretty darn essential – get involved if you’ve yet to be acquainted but enjoy the likes of mogwai and boards of canada. “a future classic of dark potentiality and evocative sonic world building with a core of Space Age optimism” – concrete islands

hollow earth

  1. Hollow Earth
  2. Descent
  3. prismatic Gateway
  4. Claustrophobe
  5. Mindshaft
  6. Core Sample (cd only)
  7. Imprisoned Splendour
  8. The Seventh Labyrinth
  9. Subterranean Lakes
  10. Dancing Shadows
  11. Quad Tape Substrate
  12. Buried Memories (cd only)
  13. Deeper Dreaming
  14. The Hidden City
  15. Surfacing