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Daniel O’Sullivan (grumbling fur)


o genesis


Released: 5th Apr 2019


limited yellow lp

Released: 5th Apr 2019

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daniel weaves another intricate series of cerebral alt-folk songs that hum with a gentle glow of contented happiness on his second and most ambitious album yet.

This cycle of twelve songs deftly illustrates O'Sullivan's ascent as a unique and multidimensional songwriter. Moving from the familiar pantheon of experimental music and arriving upon a universal narrative probing the human condition from the inside out. Both lyrically and within the intricate lattice of arrangements, traditional forms are reshaped into transcendent pop symphonies. Both intimate and alien, archetypal and atypical, joyous and melancholic, the aperture of Folly is wide open and light streams in. “a thing of lucid wonder, o’sullivan’s songs indebted to astral-folk and rapturous dreampop, full of understated turns and quiet surprises” 8/10 – uncut.



  1. The Air St Evignne
  2. Under The Knife
  3. Time Elapsing Blue
  4. Rattleman
  5. Honour Wave
  6. Air Tunes
  7. The Diamond Vehicle
  8. Penny Rag
  9. Silhouette
  10. Utopiary
  11. Amnion
  12. The Coming Of Age Story