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Modern Nature

Nature EP

bella union

12" + download

Released: 22nd Mar 2019


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this spiritual psychfolk supergroup - formed from members of ultimate painting, beak>, sunwatchers and woods – stands alongside the best works of each of its forebears for its sublime aural depiction of bucolic tranquillity.

The ep is an intimately atmospheric, wildly expansive statement of intent a world away from anything any of the members have made before. It melds the relentless rhythms of Alice Coltrane’s devotional music with the pastoral haze of Fairport Convention. As Jack Cooper explains: “The EP is based around a song called ‘Nature’ so ‘Supernature’ is a different perspective on the EP's title track, but taken to another conclusion. ‘Nature’ is our take on that propulsive rhythm of ‘A Sailor's Life’-era Fairport Convention but ‘Supernature’ is something else entirely”.

Nature EP


  1. Nature
  2. Flats
  3. Blackwaterside
  4. Supernature