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Hania Rani




Released: 4th May 2019


lp in heavyweight reverse board sleeve + donwload

Released: 4th May 2019


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From Warsaw via Berlin, Hania Rani has composed an ethereal and hypnotic series of gorgeously melodic piano vignettes that manage to evoke the jaw-dropping beauty of both the Polish Bieszczady mountains and the sumptuous Icelandic landscape.

Having previously been involved in various projects and collaborations, Rani has opted on ‘Esja’ to step out on her own or, as she puts it, ‘for the very first time, finally – just me, as I am’. This has allowed her to interpret the sounds and potential of the piano through a far more personal lens, the results of which are quite staggering. Piano keys roll, twirl, and tumble. They soothe and beguile. Rhythm melds with reverb-drenched atmosphere to project a sense of unlimited space and time. This one is highly recommended for fans of Peter Broderick, Max Richter, and Nils Frahm.



  1. Eden
  2. Sun
  3. Hawaii Oslo
  4. Pour Trois
  5. Biesy
  6. Luka
  7. Glass
  8. Today It Came
  9. Esja
  10. Now, Run