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Prins Thomas




Released: 5th Apr 2019



Released: 5th Apr 2019


prins gets super melodic for his sixth album: an irresistible series of blissed out tunes.

“This collection of new songs wasn't intended as an album at first. It gathers up loose ideas sketched down on my computer or hummed into my handheld recorder in the last 2 years. The common thread was found later during overdubbing and reworking these sketches under the critical ears of label boss Joakim Haugland. Most of the tracks were finalised in the studio at the same time as my previous collaborative album with Bugge Wesseltoft. I would like to thank the following people for their direct inspiration: Jon Christensen, Jaki Liebezeit, Haroumi Hosono, Daniel Lanois, Eberhard Weber, Shinichi Atobe and Ricardo Villalobos." - Prins Thomas.



  1. Foreplay
  2. XSB
  3. Feel the Love
  4. Ambitions
  5. Fra Miami til Chicago
  6. Urmannen
  7. Sakral