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A Little Bit Of Rain

bella union


Released: 29th Mar 2019


Fresh off the back of her critically-acclaimed album ‘My Name Is Safe In Your Mouth’, Liela Moss presents a beautiful collection of rain-themed cover versions.

 In her own words: “Maybe because I’m a bit neurotic about tidying, sorting and indexing things in my life, I thought that creating sets of cover versions would be a good thing to record this year. I began making lists and categorising things that are related in my mind but nobody else’s! I might do a collection about Weather, Elements, Utensils (watch out for that one)... Stuff that is so everyday that we forget to stop and give it a kiss.  “I wanted a plaything, for new ways of production. Making these covers has been a learning exercise and a way to pay homage to songs that have haunted my childhood, including the title which waves a little hello to luscious Karen Dalton.”

A Little Bit Of Rain

  1. Here Comes The Rain Again (Eurythmics)
  2. I Can’t Stand The Rain (Ann Peebles)
  3. It’s Raining Today (Scott Walker)
  4. Prayers For Rain (The Cure)