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Black Mountain




Released: 24th May 2019


limited white LP + download

Released: 24th May 2019


dinked edition 12 - exclusive 'clear coke bottle' coloured lp + die-cut sleeve + numbered + signed 12"X12" print + download

Released: 24th May 2019


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‘destroyer’ winds its way through passages of 70s guitar rock, neon-soaked 80s synthscapes and proggy psychedelia, never coming close to running low on ideas and always an absolute blast for the ears.

named after the 1985 Dodge Destroyer muscle car, the album is imbued with all that wild-ass freedom and newfound agency that comes with one's first time behind the wheel. Destroyer is structured around that first time behind the wheel of a hot rod. Collectively, there’s a renewed vitality to Black Mountain on ‘Destroyer’ — a seasoned, veteran of heady hard rock that’s found new, young muscles to flex and roads to explore. “the journey takes a variety of fascinating detours along the way” 8/10 – uncut.



  1. Future Shade
  2. Horns Arising
  3. Closer to the Edge
  4. High Rise
  5. Pretty Little Lazies
  6. Boogie Lover
  7. Licensed To Drive
  8. FD’72