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Remixes Are Also Magic (rsd19)

bella union

record store day 2019 - 12" EP + download

Released: 13th Apr 2019

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Featuring remixes of tracks from John Grant’s last two albums, courtesy of Nik Void, Blancmange, Carter Tutti and Anna Meredith.

The first two tracks original versions come from ‘Love Is Magic’. The final two tracks original versions come from ‘Grey Tickles, Black Pressure’. From John: “It is an incredible honour for me to have remixes done by Chris & Cosey and Blancmange, who I have been listening to and adoring for the majority of my life. They continue to inspire and are of course still a beautiful force in the world of art and music. It is also inspiring to have to relative newcomers add their unique voices to this small but powerful collection. Nik Void (Factory Floor, Carter Tutti Void) and Anna Meredith are two artists adding to "the noise" in the most positive sense”.

Remixes Are Also Magic (rsd19)


  1. Preppy Boy (Nik Void)
  2. Touch and Go (Blancmange)
  3. Grey Tickles (Carter Tutti Void)
  4. Voodoo Doll (Anna Meredith)