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Tin Drum

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Released: 29th May 2006


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Released: 23rd Jun 2014


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their most unique, challenging & striking album & also the final full studio effort from the group - & what a way to bow out.

there was practically no resemblance to the trash glam flailers on 'Adolescent Sex' anymore. Rather than repeat the sheer restraint on 'Gentlemen Take Polaroids', 'Tin Drum' is an album of energy, Sylvian's singing still the decadently joyful thing it is, but the arrangements & performances tight, full & active. The fusion of exquisite funk courtesy of Karn & Jansen's joined-at-the-hip rhythm section & a range of Asian music influences, from instrumentation to subject matter, combined with an even wider use of technological approaches to create the dramatic, sly songs on offer.

Tin Drum


  1. The Art Of Parties
  2. Talking Drum
  3. Ghosts
  4. Canton
  5. Still Life In Mobile Homes
  6. Visions of China (2003 - Remaster)
  7. Sons Of Pioneers
  8. Cantonese Boy (2003 - Remaster)