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street worms



Released: 3rd May 2019


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Released: 3rd May 2019


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Scuzzed out punk slush that trips, blares and rumbles its way into your frontal lobes.

Through rivulets of sleaze and caustic wit, Viagra Boys bash out a path that is part acid-spiked road movie at full throttle and part cellar-dwelling confessional. In all iterations it throbs, gurns, and leers like something that you wouldn’t want to meet in a darkened alleyway. “Viagra Boys manage to mock everyday negative qualities—boasted virility, misplaced classism, and blissful ignorance—with sincerity and ambivalence.”  7.4/10 - Pitchfork

street worms


  1. Down in the basement
  2. Slow learner
  3. Sports
  4. Best in show
  5. Just like you
  6. Shrimp shack
  7. Frogstrap
  8. Worms
  9. Amphetanarchy
  10. Jungle Man (cd / lp download code only)
  11. Beijing Taxi (cd / lp download code only)
  12. Up All Night (cd / lp download code only)
  13. Special Helmet (cd / lp download code only) I I Ain't Living Long Like This (cd / lp download code only)