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keel her

With Kindness

o genesis


Released: 14th Jun 2019



Released: 14th Jun 2019


Taking in influences including Talking Heads, Linda Smith and The Beatles, keel her has managed to make an enigmatic but incredibly enjoyable and original record here.

In her own words, “The record is a collection of the past few years; frustrations, mental health issues, over-controlling relationships, being judged by the judgemental, being stuck in a routine you don’t want to be in. Although I am not feeling like I did then or in the same situation, it feels like it had to be recorded for the feelings to dissipate. Catharticism?”

With Kindness


  1. No Control
  2. Self-Sabotage
  3. The Astral Plane
  4. Complain Train
  5. Life Admin
  6. Not The First
  7. Eyes Closed
  8. Aloof
  9. Empathy
  10. Deadly Nightshade
  11. Door Mat
  12. Don’t Doubt
  13. Necessities
  14. Song For Eddie
  15. Two Thoughts
  16. Seed
  17. The End