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Depeche Mode

Black Celebration | The 12'' Singles


limited edition 5x12"

Released: 31st May 2019


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this singles collection contains the four original 12" releases from the album, plus a 12" vinyl version of the limited edition ‘A Question of Lust’ cassette release, available for the first time internationally in this collection.

a pivotal release in the Depeche Mode canon, this album advanced the band's musical mission, moving their sound from industrial pop into darker atmospheric emotional territory. From their earliest days as a band, Depeche Mode championed 12" vinyl, embracing the singular power of the format and the avenues of innovation it opened up. The 12" single allowed the band to explore new sonic possibilities while the tactile physical beauty of the packaging gave them room to develop a sophisticated and commanding visual aesthetic. they used their singles discography as a means of offering left field remixes and other delights for their fans. 

Black Celebration | The 12'' Singles


Black Celebration - The 12'' Singles

Stripped (12BONG 10)

  1. Stripped (Highland Mix)
  2. But Not Tonight (Extended Remix)
  3. Breathing In Fumes
  4. Fly On The Windscreen (Quiet Mix)
  5. black Day

A Question Of Lust (12BONG 11)

  1. A Question Of Lust
  2. Christmas Island (Extended)
  3. People Are People (Live)
  4. It Doesn’t Matter Two (Instrumental)
  5. A Question Of Lust (Minimal)

A Question Of Lust (L12BONG 11)

  1. Question Of Lust (Flood Mix)
  2. Christmas Island
  3. If You Want (Live)
  4. Shame (Live)
  5. Blasphemous Rumours (Live)

A Question Of Time (12BONG 12)

  1. Question Of Time (Extended Remix)
  2. Black Celebration (Live)
  3. Something To Do (Live)
  4. Stripped (Live)

A Question Of Time (L12BONG 12)

  1. Question Of Time (New Town Mix)
  2. Question Of Time (Live Remix)
  3. Black Celebration (Black Tulip Mix)
  4. More Than A Party (Live Remix)