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Together & Apart

Rough Trade Records


Released: 7th Jun 2019


lp + download

Released: 7th Jun 2019


This debut from josienne Clarke and Samantha whates’s new moniker is a gorgeously recorded set that showcases the beauty of their interlocking voices.

Subtle yet powerful, it’s an album that can feel airy and light if you’re not paying full attention, but deepens and shows it’s genius when you follow the lyrics. ‘Together & Apart’ is about health and heartache, spring and shade, love and loss and life, PicaPica are able to balance life’s joys and sorrows beautifully, effortlessly, and in continuous harmony, viewing life’s coloured photographs as imagined through their silvery negatives.

Together & Apart


  1. Together & Apart
  2. On the Wing
  3. Cast in Stone
  4. Family, Friends & Lovers
  5. Sucker Punch
  6. Teeth & Chin
  7. Opposite Song
  8. SeeSaw
  9. Village Kids
  10. To K(no)w One
  11. Day to Day Parade
  12. The Weather
  13. Stones