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Gia Margaret

There’s Always Glimmer



Released: 24th May 2019



Released: 24th May 2019


gia’s whispered melodies and irresistible shoegazey folk compositions are almost overpowering on this sensational debut.

Originally released through orindal records – the same label that astutely put out Julie byrne’s debut – this breath-taking album has Finally made its way outside of North America after capturing heart after heart with its fragile, intimate beauty. Informed by the likes of Juliana Barwick, Stina Nordenstam and Linda Perhacs, the album threads elements of folk, shoegaze and ambient electronics whilst retaining the exposed charm of her early bedroom recordings. Fans of Julie byrne, nadia reid, johanna samuels and elena tonra (daughter, ex:re) owe it to themselves to hear this. “’There’s Always Glimmer already feels timeless; spend time with one of this year’s most remarkable debuts’’ – 8/10 - The Line Of Best Fit. "on the mazzy star/sharon ve continuum, here's another great place to linger" 4/5 - mojo.

There’s Always Glimmer


  1. Groceries
  2. Birthday
  3. Figures
  4. Smoke
  5. Goodnight
  6. In Normal Ways
  7. Looking
  8. For Flora
  9. Sugar
  10. Exist
  11. Wayne
  12. West