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Bernard Herrmann



limited scarlet 2lp + cd + 7" + download

Released: 26th Jul 2019


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the Never-before-available soundtrack debuts as a stunning stereo remaster from the original tapes, housed in a Super-Deluxe package.

Over 58 minutes of music have been produced to the absolute highest possible standard as if it had been released at the same time as the film, having sourced manufacturers who are able to produce all the parts on exactly the same machines as used in the 1960s. The last collaboration between director Alfred Hitchcock & composer Bernard Herrmann is not only recognised as one of the finest score’s Herrmann composed & recorded for their legendary partnership but also one of the greatest of all his works. The poster has been specially printed using original 1960s production processes. To round off the Super-Deluxe package Bernard Herrmann’s biographer, Steven C. Smith, offers a unique & compelling insight into this soundtrack with his own sleeve notes. - Assembled, Mastered & Cut by Sean Magee at Abbey Road Studios, London



  1. Prelude
  2. Marnie
  3. Forio
  4. Red Flowers
  5. The Shampoo
  6. The Bowl
  7. No. 9
  8. Want Ad
  9. The Stranger
  10. Red Ink
  11. The Drawer
  12. The Storm
  13. Red Jacket
  14. The Homestead
  15. Romance
  16. The Safe
  17. Encounter
  18. The Wedding
  19. The Porch
  20. The Checkbook
  21. The Bridal Suite
  22. The Cabin
  23. Alone
  24. The Shadow
  25. Love Scene
  26. The Pool
  27. Homecoming
  28. The Window
  29. Telephone
  30. The Horse
  31. The Nightmare
  32. The Book
  33. Mr Strutt (Film version)
  34. The Word Game
  35. The Hunt
  36. Forio’s Fall
  37. Forio’s Death
  38. The Stairs / The Keys / The Stairway
  39. The Dial
  40. The Money
  41. The Gun
  42. Departure
  43. The Street
  44. Flashback II
  45. Blood
  46. Farewell
  47. Finale
  48. Cast
  49. Flashback I (unused)
  50. Mr Strutt (alternate)
  51. Shock (unused)
  52. Marnie Main Theme
  53. Nat King Cole - Marnie