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rose city band

rose city band

thrill jockey

limited clear lp + download

Released: 19th Mar 2021



Released: 17th Jan 2020


this bucolic record of sleepy country psychedelia is possibly the most luxurious thing we’ve heard all year.

Born of the back roads, rivers, and quiet city streets of Oregon, this music captures the feeling of living and loving, riding and crashing and being, in the Pacific Northwest. It's the sound of Sunday morning strums and Saturday night choogle. the album finds its niche in the hazy sonic landscape of private press country and psych records, and alongside artists like Relatively Clean Rivers, Jim Sullivan, Kenny Knight, and countless other explorers of the pastoral underground. Ripley says: "The band was aiming to capture a timeless, natural sound, not quite of the present, past, or future. Sort of a back-porch jam just as the shrooms are starting to kick in. Handmade and human, but also cosmic and transcendental.”

rose city band


  1. Rip City
  2. Wide Roll
  3. Me And Willie
  4. Wandering Feeling
  5. Rivers Of Mind
  6. Fear Song
  7. Fog Of Love