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Centipede Wisdom

Big Potato Records


Released: 7th Jun 2019


Rich analogue textures and guitar drones star on free form synth experiments reverse fitted to psychedelic songs imbibed with a dusty Englishness all of its own - ‘Centipede Wisdom’ offers a complex array of feelings and settings, but it flows together and feels complete although changing over the sides. Many of the tracks are extended and absorbingly complex. Often humming along to a pop-friendly electronic pulse yet free of conventional song structure, giving a floating quality, always in motion. Other musicians present include sonic blue blood Neil Halstead (Slowdive) on his Roland Juno, Kevin Wells on dirty rhythm guitar & lastly the great Oxford songwriter Robin Bennett on flute. Throughout, is a skewed sense of wonder and playful exploration with genuine political bite hidden in the tall grass

Centipede Wisdom


  1. Eyes Of Sorrow
  2. I Think it is Now Over
  3. TIC TIC
  4. 4 Second Pulse
  5. This World of Mine
  6. Orbit Storm
  7. The End is so Dark it's Boring