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John Renbourn


Cherry Tree


Released: 31st May 2019


Long acknowledged as one of the greatest and most influential acoustic guitarists to emerge from the British folk scene, the late John Renbourn is best known to the wider world for his membership of Pentangle, the genre-busting band that he was instrumental in bringing together in 1967.

Pentangle’s recordings are widely available, most recently with Cherry Red’s 2017 highly-acclaimed box set Pentangle: The Albums. However, Renbourn recorded extensively both before and during the band’s early genesis, with a trio of solo albums joined by two vital collaborations with American-born folk singer Dorris Henderson as well as “Bert And John”, his joint album with Bert Jansch in 1966. Housed in a clamshell box that boasts replica album sleeves, some very rare photos and a new essay on the man, the 6-CD set Unpentangled anthologises that essential but often overlooked body of early work. The set also contains a clutch of bonus tracks from the same period (including a marvellous psychedelic folk rendition of the Love song ‘Message To Pretty’) to shine the solo spotlight on a man that folk club organiser and future ZigZag founder Pete Frame once dubbed “the stoned Julian Bream of folk guitar”.



  1. Sally Free And Easy
  2. Single Girl
  3. Ribbon Bow
  4. Cotton Eyed Joe
  5. Mr Tambourine Man
  6. Mist On The Mountain
  7. The Lag’s Song
  8. American Jail Song
  9. The Water Is Wide
  10. Something Lonesome
  11. Song (Falling Star)
  12. Winter Is Gone
  13. Strange Lullaby
  14. You’re Gonna Need Somebody On Your Bond
  15. One Morning In May
  16. A Banjo Tune (Alias Darling Corey)
  17. Going To Memphis
  18. The Leaves Are Green (Alias Leaves That Are Green)
  19. The Hangman
  20. Judy
  21. Beth’s Blues
  22. Song
  23. Down On The Barge
  24. John Henry
  25. Plainsong
  26. Louisiana Blues
  27. Blue Bones
  28. Train Tune
  29. Candy Man
  30. The Wildest Pig In Captivity
  31. National Seven
  32. Motherless Children
  33. Winter Is Gone
  34. Noah And Rabbit
  35. The Wildest Pig In Captivity (Alternative Version)
  36. Can’t Keep From Crying
  37. Blues Run The Game
  38. Lucky Thirteen
  39. East Wind
  40. Piano Tune
  41. Goodbye Pork Pie Hat
  42. Soho
  43. Tic-Tocative
  44. Orlando
  45. Red’s Favourite
  46. No Exit
  47. Along The Way
  48. The Time Has Come
  49. Stepping Stones
  50. After The Dance
  51. The Waggoner’s Lad
  52. Another Monday
  53. Ladye Nothing’s Toy Puffe
  54. I Know My Babe
  55. Waltz
  56. Lost Lover Blues
  57. One For William
  58. Buffalo
  59. Sugar Babe
  60. Debbie Anne
  61. Can’t Keep From Crying
  62. Day At The Seaside
  63. Nobody’s Fault But Mine
  64. When You Hear Them Cuckoos Hollerin’
  65. It’s Been A Long Time
  66. 30 Days In Jail
  67. No More My Lord
  68. Watch The Stars
  69. There’s Anger In This Land
  70. Mosaic Patterns
  71. Tomorrow Is A Long Time
  72. For Lovin’ Me
  73. Come Up Horsey
  74. God Bless The Child
  75. The Time Has Come
  76. Poems Of Solitude
  77. Lonely Mood
  78. Gonna Tell My Lord
  79. Message To Pretty
  80. The Earle Of Salisbury
  81. The Trees They Do Grow High
  82. Lady Goes To Church
  83. Morgana
  84. Transfusion
  85. forty-Eight
  86. My Dear Boy
  87. White Fishes
  88. Sweet Potato
  89. Seven Up
  90. The Earle Of Salisbury (Alternative Version)
  91. Transfusion (Alternative Version)
  92. Forty-Eight (Alternative Version)