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castle face


Released: 5th Jul 2019


LP + download

Released: 5th Jul 2019


Post punk doesn’t get scuzzier than this – the follow up to resident-fave ‘pools’ takes their suicide meets the birthday party sounds to new levels.

‘Volume 3’ bursts at the seams with chrome-dipped timbres and surprise sharp edges, alien klaxon-calls and wailing dissonance offsetting the ziplock’d grease of their insistent drum and bass grooves. It’s a clattering, aggressive affair but far more nuanced than most bands that take on the same influences, with the album coming across as anything but one note. We’re hearing everyone from pissed jeans to girl band in this – highly recommended.



  1. Johnny Come Home
  2. It Cost?s To Be Austere
  3. I Don?t Know
  4. Mr. President
  5. Nekrodisco
  6. The Shame
  7. Another Earth
  8. Marihuana
  9. Summer In LA
  10. No More Summer
  11. Strange Distance
  12. La Maldad