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Body Negative

Fatcat Records


Released: 11th Oct 2019


lp + download

Released: 11th Oct 2019


limited indies only red lp + download

Released: 11th Oct 2019


The album is a rare record that manages to be both fiery and textural.

It combines the charge and speed of a record that resembles a car veering dangerously close to a cliff edge yet also manages to instil a confidence in the ability of the driver. MNNQNS exude a sense of controlled danger and chaos and this permeates throughout their debut. This feverish and unpredictable approach is also represented by the band’s diverse musical tastes and inspirations. If you’ve ever wondered what a record would sound like that shares influences as eclectic as Deerhunter, Death Grips, the Beach Boys, Omni and the films of Jean-Jacques Beineix then wonder no more because MNNQNS debut is the answer.

Body Negative


  1. Body Negative
  2. NotWhatYouThoughtYouKnew
  3. She's Waiting For The Day
  4. Double Visions
  5. Different Sides Of Truth
  6. Limits Of Town
  7. Urinals
  8. Desperation Moon
  9. Drinking From The Pond
  10. Fall Down
  11. Stagnant Pools
  12. Wire (Down To The)
  13. Telephone