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Thurston Moore

Spirit Counsel

Daydream Library

3cd + 20 page book

Released: 20th Sep 2019


a guitarist’s guitar record, this epic triple album sees the sonic youth axe man tapping in to his spiritual side and includes a book comprising photographs documenting the recording process.

the three extended compositions were recorded between 2018-19.  CD 1: ‘Alice Moki Jayne’ is a new composition from noise guitar explorations honouring Alice Coltrane, Moki Cherry, and Jayne Cortez. CD 2: ‘8 Spring Street’ is a personal homage to Glenn Branca, the title is an address in New York City; the apartment where Thurston first visited his mentor to rehearse. CD 3: ‘Galaxies’ is an orchestral piece of music, with Moore as conductor and composer. Twelve guitarists are arranged as if one instrument, exploring the vast emotional depths present in twelve strings.

Spirit Counsel