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crushed beaks

The Other Room

Clue Records/Singing Light Music

transparent orange lp

Released: 9th Aug 2019


“Loud as fuck, scuzzy, but excellent nonetheless” Noisey “Pop melodies shine through noise-fuelled art rock” NME It’s been four years since south London-based Crushed Beaks released their debut album, ‘Scatter’, but with new album ‘The Other Room’, the band return in a confident mood.

The vocals are more direct, lyrics more incisive and the overall theme of the album more confrontational. However, this confidence shouldn’t be mistaken for bravado, there is subtlety and introspection running through the album, even in the more direct tracks.‘The Other Room’ is about seeing things as they really are, and facing up to the reality of the situation. Whether it’s facing fears or trying to empathise and see things from someone else’s perspective, the songs were shaped by the growing sense of division that was beginning to take hold around the world. Yet it’s not political – it’s about people and how they relate to one another, how they see themselves, and how those relationships are in a constant state of flux. It’s garage rock for seeing through walls. It sounds like Blur have got the fuzz pedals out and are having fun again.Having caught the ear of producer Matt Peel (Eagulls, Menace Beach) at a Halloween show with Metz and Mitski, the band relocated to his studio, The Nave, in a converted church in Leeds to record the new album over a two-week stretch. Peel produced, mixed and mastered the record. While their debut was created with minimal equipment, The Other Room finds the band making full use of the studio’s wealth of analogue gear. “We were like kids in a candy store, we went from having one amp and a couple of pedals to being in this insanely well-kitted out space” says guitar player and singer Matt Poile. The result is a huge step forward for the band – the hooks hit harder and the fuzz gets twisted into wilder new shapes.‘The Other Room’ is a slice of driving indie rock full of hooks and unusual flourishes. While breakneck and unashamedly maximalist at times, there’s also a more subtle side this time around.

The Other Room


  1. Sky Burial
  2. Strange Things
  3. Right Machine
  4. Silver Tongue
  5. Ad Nauseam
  6. Honesty Box
  7. Bonfire Night
  8. Out On A Limb
  9. Thinking Backwards
  10. Jupiter
  11. Red Shift
  12. Elsewhere