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the velvet ditch


very limited 10" ep - 1 per customer

Released: 19th Jul 2019

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the duo are back with a crash & a bang, opening with a salvo of typically raucous punk before exploring more muted & emotional tones on this eclectic ep.

Side 1 is a balls-to-the-wall display of their more aggressive tendencies. ‘One More Day Won’t Hurt’ starts with a Thrash Metal-inspired riff which descends into a heavy mid-paced groove, with Isaac spitting bile over a thundering beat, while ‘It Makes Me Sick’ shows the influence of breakneck hardcore punk, such as Minor Threat, the Casualties & Discharge. Side 2 finds the duo in a more contemplative mood. The EP’s title track has Laurie strumming out a slow, acoustic blues line while Isaac laments the commercialisation of our culture in a style akin to Baxter Dury. ‘When Will I Learn’, on the other hand, is new territory; a plaintive piano ballad showing the band in a more vulnerable light.

the velvet ditch