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anna meredith



limited winter wind lp

Released: 4th Sep 2020


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Meredith’s use of shifting Reich-ian loops clashing against jarring electronic sounds that could’ve come from Squarepusher is a combination that shouldn’t work, but does.

Add to that a sense of wonky fun and you’ll find this album is a spectacularly weird and wonderful exploration of noice that’ll leave a grin on your face. That should come as no surprise to fans of her debut ‘varmints’ – ‘fibs’ picks up, plays with and expands upon her already distinctive sound to create an album that feels limitless but complete.


  1. Sawbones
  2. Inhale Exhale
  3. Calion
  4. Killjoy
  5. Bump
  6. moonmoons
  7. Divining
  8. Limpet
  9. Ribbons
  10. Paramour
  11. Unfurl