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Dry Cleaning

Sweet Princess EP

It's Ok


Released: 2nd Aug 2019


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Duchess of Sussex worshipping new-comers deliver with their first tangible release.

Dry Cleaning dish up an enthralling sound palette of wiry, excitable post-punk and new-wave which is then paired with surreal, detached vocal narratives in the form of a predominantly spoken word delivery. If you dig the bewitching lyrical spirals of Joeyfat, The Fall, and Enablers, you’ll want in on this one. “Infectious tunes and clever lyricism with frontwoman Florence's spoken word style delivery, they are certainly creating something unique.” – Dark Side Music

Sweet Princess EP


  1. Goodnight
  2. New Job
  3. Magic of Meghan
  4. Traditional Fish
  5. Phone Scam
  6. Conversation