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penguin cafe

Rain Before Seven…

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Colour us beguiled by the effulgent turn from Penguin Café! ‘Rain Before Seven’s decadent, neo-classical jazz instrumentals wind between jubi...
Handfuls Of Night
  1. Winter Sun
  2. Chinstrap
  3. Chapter
  4. Adelie
  5. At the Top of the Hill, They Stood…
  6. Pythagoras on the Line Again
  7. The Life of an Emperor
  8. Gentoo Origin
  9. Midnight Sun

penguin cafe

Handfuls Of Night

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    Released: 4th Oct 2019

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Written with the explorer scott in mind and tied to the Antarctic, this breathtaking suite captures the crystalline beauty of the Antarctic, with a subtle but ever present anxiety about its future.

Cello lead chamber suites climb out of minimal piano and drone laden widescreen moments before breaking out into violin lead beauty. If you’re a fan of richter’s take on vivaldi’s four seasons, steve reich’s repetition and Philip glass’s minimalism then this is essential – the work of a genius who has firmly stepped away from his fathers shadow and is creating the sort of work that will be referenced in years to come. Spellbinding. “swirling cellos and feathery finger percussion add a pulsing folkloric energy at one with his father’s most transcendent works” 4/5 - mojo