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stones throw


Released: 27th Sep 2019



Released: 27th Sep 2019


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Pumping energetic post punk that churns through layers of fuzzy electronics to exhilarating effect - this los angeles trio wear their influences on their sleeve (suicide, kraftwerk, tubeway army) but conjure up something inventive, enticing and new.

We were hooked after just one listen - throbbing basslines, motorik beats and a thick layer of scuzz are enough to prick our ears up, but the depth of this album is what kept on bringing us back. They join the lineage of preoccupations, a place to bury strangers and the soft moon in delving into a very specific set of influences but coming up trumps with a new sound.



  1. Too Much Money
  2. Calling It
  3. Suicide In Texas
  4. I Love You, Fine
  5. Highway
  6. Signal
  7. Humanoid
  8. Damage
  9. Electrocution
  10. Champagne
  11. Strange Conversations