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There Existed An Addiction To Blood



Released: 18th Oct 2019


limited loser edition silver 2lp + download

Released: 18th Oct 2019


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Released: 18th Oct 2019


The LA trio resolutely refuse to pull their punches with this thumping rampage through the haggard psyche of America.

‘there existed an addiction to blood’ finds them interpreting another rap splinter sect through their singular lens. this is clipping’s transmutation of horrorcore, a purposefully absurdist sub-genre that flourished in the mid-90s. it absorbs the hyper violent horror tropes of the murder dog era, but re imagines them in a new light: still darkly tinted and somber, but in a weirder and more vivid hue. “yet another successful experiment for the group and one of the eeriest examples of modern hip-hop to date.” 8/10 – the line of best fit

There Existed An Addiction To Blood


  1. Intro (cd / cassette only)
  2. Nothing is Safe
  3. He Dead (feat. Ed Balloon)
  4. Haunting (interlude) (cd / cassette only)
  5. La Mala
  6. Ordina (with The Rita) (feat. Elcamino &Benny The Butcher)
  7. Club Down (with Sarah Bernat
  8. Prophecy (interlude) (cd / cassette only)
  9. Run for Your Life (feat. La Chat)
  10. The Show
  11. Possession (interlude) (cd / cassette only)
  12. All in Your Head (feat. Counterfeit Madison & Robyn Hood)
  13. Blood of the Fang
  14. Story 7
  15. Attunement (with Pedestrian Deposit)
  16. Piano Burning