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Up and Rolling

New West Records

lp + songbook

Released: 4th Oct 2019


Driven, deep and dirty blues meets storytelling that continues the tradition of jim white’s rural storytelling.

A forgotten roll of film was found. Shot before the turn of the century, the photographs resonate with music. The images inspired an accompanying soundtrack. The music is full of stories. The songs and stories originate in two neighboring rural counties. The cast of characters includes four families of Mississippi musicians, three generations deep, and a photographer from Texas.” In 2017, Wyatt McSpadden found an old roll of film and tracked down members of North Mississippi Allstars to share his forgotten photographs. The images were so profound and so beautiful that they would come to inspire the latest recording, ‘Up And Rolling’. The images inspired the band to ask, “What did the music sound like that night in 96? What does Mississippi music sound like now? What would ideally be on the push button AM/FM radio as we drove thru the hills?”

Up and Rolling


  1. Call That Gone
  2. Up and Rolling
  3. What You Gonna Do? (ft Mavis Staples)
  4. Drunk Outdoors
  5. Peaches
  6. Mean Old World (ft Jason Isbell and Duane Betts)
  7. Out on the Road (ft Cedric Burnside)
  8. Lonesome in My Home
  9. Bump that Mutha Music (cd only)
  10. Living Free
  11. Take My Hand (ft Cedric Burnside)
  12. Otha’s Bye Bye Baby (ft Otha Turner) (cd only)