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Young Turks Recordings


Released: 8th Nov 2019



Released: 8th Nov 2019


The spectral world of her early work created a framework for the revival of tender and bruised r&b – the world may have finally caught up to ‘LP1’ but ‘Magdalene’ proves she’s still a visionary that no one can keep up with.

Through these 9 tracks, twigs manages to develop her stripped and raw style from a concept into a world to inhabit – this is a far grander work than she has ever previously put out, but it stops short of being self-indulgent. The (almost) eponymous ‘Mary Magdalene’ is the best example of this – landing 5 tracks in, the visionary sound she and Nico Jaar create serves as the core of a record that proudly has its heart on its sleeve. Innovative, challenging and enjoyable in equal measure, this is the follow up that 6 years of waiting has deserved.



  1. thousand eyes
  2. home with you
  3. sad day
  4. holy terrain
  5. mary magdalene
  6. fallen alien
  7. mirrored heart
  8. daybed
  9. cellophane