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Chalk Hill Blue (Deluxe repress)
  1. Out Of Doors
  2. The Night Life
  3. Afterwards
  4. Spring Dawn On Mad Mile
  5. Change
  6. Chalk Hill Blue
  7. May 9th
  8. Swallowing
  9. Ridgeway
  10. Summer Blues
  11. February
  12. Moth Book
  13. Wendover, Bucks

Will Burns & Hannah Peel

Chalk Hill Blue (Deluxe repress)

  • deluxe lp + 7"

    Released: 18th Oct 2019


‘Chalk Hill Blue’ is the first album by poet Will Burns and musician and composer Hannah Peel: a record of electronic ruralism channelling lives threaded through the chalk landscapes of Southern England.

 Existing and reacting off each word and sounds in the studio together; with the words of poet Will Burns, the analogue electronic compositions of Hannah Peel and the overarching eye of producer Erland Cooper, all tracks were produced and recorded in their entirety within 12 hours.  The spoken words and sound worlds often seem to emerge from subliminal processes of call and answer; a fertile blurring of collective inspiration and intention circling this abstracted chalk landscape.  LP contains insert and digital download code.  This deluxe edition of ‘Chalk Hill Blue’ also includes a 7” single featuring a pair of new pieces from Hannah Peel and Will Burns, combining the same evocative, powerful sonic palette and plainspoken poetry as their acclaimed album.  A commission to create a new collaborative work for the BBC resulted in ‘Moth Book’, an elegiac mediation on loss which flowers into a driving, hypnotic synth workout, perfectly offset by the haunting flipside track, ‘Wendover, Bucks’.