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When We Stay Alive

Memphis Industries

limited crystal clear 180g lp + download

Released: 31st Jan 2020



Released: 31st Jan 2020


After surviving a debilitating ice-clearing accident, Channy Leaneagh drew upon this experience to create a resolute record that throbs, sways, and teems with hopeful conviction.

poliça’s fourth album, “when we stay alive”, is about the redemptive power of rewriting your story in order to heal, and reclaiming your identity as a result. It possesses a new confidence in its sound, reflected in its fierce, determined songs and anchored by the heavy synths and punctuating beats of poliça co-founder and producer ryan olson. Whilst creating this record, Leaneagh realised the power in restructuring her inner self and the album’s title references the idea of moving forward through life – our experiences, both good and bad – and what happens next with the strength we find. “After the soul searching of United Crushers, there’s a tranquility to Poliça here. It suits them.” 8/10 – Loud & Quiet

When We Stay Alive

  1. Driving
  2. TATA
  3. Fold Up
  4. Feel Life
  5. Little Threads
  6. Be Again
  7. Steady
  8. Forget Me Now
  9. Blood Moon
  10. Sea Without Blue