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Paul Haslinger

Exit Ghost

Artificial Instinct


Released: 7th Feb 2020


lp with die cut sleeve + download

Released: 7th Feb 2020


You know the feeling, it seems familiar but the colours are, well, unreal – this immersive sonic adventure into the half world straddling sleep and consciousness perfectly captures this uncanny feeling and will seep into your very bones.

‘Exit Ghost’ is, former member of the legendary Tangerine Dream, Paul Haslinger’s long thought out opus. A moment caught in time, flicking through reference points, taking an ethereal excursion that permeates musical genres as it becomes awash with intricate sounds and cross-pollinating rhythms. Built originally from the warmth of his grand piano ‘Exit Ghost’ resonates with purity and power, from an eerie and evocative between world, that’s at once expansive and rolling, then intoxicating and suffocating in equal measures; modern composition at its most uplifting; cerebral, celebratory, intense and beautiful.

Exit Ghost


  1. The Faltering Sky
  2. Intrinsic
  3. Room 3
  4. Exit Ghost
  5. Valse I
  6. August 2-22
  7. Berlin 86-11
  8. White Sun
  9. Mayerling
  10. FernDell