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Pop Ambient 2020



Released: 22nd Nov 2019


2lp + download

Released: 22nd Nov 2019


mmmm, this 20th anniversary edition of the world’s most soothing musical series captures everything we’ve come to love & expect from it.

pop-ambient anniversary greetings from new & old companions like Thore Pfeiffer, Max Würden, Yui Onodera, Jörg Burger, Thomas Fehlmann, Morgen Wurde, Leandro Fresco as well as contributions from T.Raumschmiere, andrew Thomas, Joachim Spieth, Markus Guentner und Klimek. What strikes most when listening to 20 years of pop ambient in a row is the central theme that holds together the dense aesthetic concept like the pearls of a necklace. Floral beauty for digital naturalists. Music like flowers that don’t wilt. Timeless. Ageless. But with all of the conceptual unity & resolution, Pop Ambient would not be Kompakt without the break, the friction, the expansion of musical boundaries in between tradition & innovation, in between conspiracy & the openness of the discourse.

Pop Ambient 2020


  1. Thore Pfeiffer – Urquell
  2. Max Würden – Diminish
  3. Yui Onodera – Cromo 4
  4. Joachim Spieth – Meteor
  5. T.Raumschmiere – Notre-Dame
  6. Klimek – All The Little Horses
  7. Morgen Wurde feat. Maria Estrella – Lässt Los
  8. Markus Guentner – Clade
  9. Thomas Fehlmann – Liebesperlen
  10. Gen Pop – Iron Woman
  11. Klimek – Requiem For A Butterfly
  12. Leandro Fresco – Brenda
  13. Max Würden/Pepo Galan – Stay
  14. Leandro Fresco/Thore Pfeiffer – Neo
  15. Andrew Thomas – Song 9
  16. Andrew Thomas – Sleep Fall